Coming Soon: Call for Instructors

Accelerate Montana will seek instructors for Micro-Online Courses to support Rural, Indigenous, and Urban Montana women, who are current or aspiring business owners.

Accelerate Montana received EDA CARES Act Recovery Grant funds for COVID-19 economic response and recovery. Funds will be used to create online micro-courses and accelerator programs for current and aspiring Montana women businesses owners to address the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Our goal is to provide hands-on practical learning with real-world solutions that can be implemented during these micro-online courses.

Micro-Online Courses

These 9 micro-courses will combine online, self-paced, self-study modules with facilitated learning opportunities and collaborations sessions.We plan to offer courses that cover a range of topics in two different categories:

Building a Digital and Online Presence & Business and Financial Modeling.

The course titles and topics are flexible, as the current environment is constantly evolving.

We are interested to hear what your vision for these courses would be and what nuances, topics, or ideas you may have in addition or alongside what we have laid out below:

 Building a Digital & Online Presence

  • E-commerce: Create and Optimize your online store for fast sales that lead to repeat direct customers. Learn best practices of selling on third party e-commerce websites. 
  • Transitioning Your Brand Online: Transition branding to your social media and website platforms to engage customers. 
  • Combine Website, Email and Text Campaigns to Drive Sales: Learn to transition branding to your social media and website platforms to engage customers. 
  • Social Media Campaigns to Drive Sales and Brand Loyalty: Connect your social media campaigns to email, text and other digital campaigns to drive more sales. Leverage your branding and customer discovery knowledge to better serve new and existing customers. 

 Business & Financial Model Courses:

  • Workplace Management During Stressful Times: meeting new operations requirements, helping customers feel safe, managing stress and fear in your team, increase productivity for remote work. 
  • Rediscover Your Customer & Revenue Models: What are your customers current pains, gains, and jobs to be done. 
  • Re-evaluate Your Financial model: Refreshing and re-basing revenue and cost assumptions to develop a new sustainable financial model for your venture. 
  • Identify & Implement New Opportunities: Learn techniques to read the current market and identify new market needs that your business could transition to. Develop a flexible, problem solving mindset to position your business to act on opportunities that suit your core competencies. 
  • Recession-Proofing Your Business: During economic downturns, who survives and why? Analyze case studies from previous recessions and learn how they can inform your business today. 


If you have any questions, or, would like to be notified when the proposal process goes live, email Accelerate Montana's Online Program Manager: 

Karlee Snell: