Accelerate Montana

We help Montana businesses to increase their success from those in the idea stage all the way to those looking for global expansion.

The organizations that comprise Accelerate Montana serve all stages of business, from startups to established businesses, and link to opportunities both within Montana and outside U.S. borders.

Accelerate Montana organizations collectively reach approximately 700 business and entrepreneurs each year helping to bring tens of millions of dollars in investment capital, grant, and contracts to the state of Montana.

Accelerate Montana Serves All Stages Of Business


People in the Idea Stage

For those who have an idea (perhaps nothing more), but are not sure where to go. Or for those who have a slightly more developed idea and have begun to do research, planning, and validation.


New Ventures or Early Stage Startups

For those who have launched a business and are in the early stages of confirming assumptions (validation), creative financing/office space, or need financial modeling reviews.