Jack Knows that Persistence Pays

In the spring of 2012, Jack Mulcare, of I Know Jack, LLC, made his first visit to the Missoula PTAC. Although Jack had worked with the Lolo National Forest in previous years, the Forest Service had modernized the bidding system to support wildland fire fighting. He worked with PTAC to learn the solicitation requirements and how to enter his bid in VIPR. His business was successful in receiving a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for heavy equipment—however, opportunities to work a fire can vary from year to year.

In 2012, Jack’s road grader was not utilized under the BPA. In 2013, Jack continued his work with PTAC, getting help with the System for Award Management (SAM) and completing a rollover modification for his VIPR Agreement. That summer, Jack did get called out, and was awarded $22,000 for fire suppression work. Jack was persistent in his pursuit of fire contracts and continued to work with PTAC each year to get ready for fire season and make his bids. He added equipment over the intervening years. In addition to the road grader, the company has agreements for water tenders, skidgine, dozer and excavator. Jack built his reputation with the agency as being a responsive and responsible contractor. As we regularly counsel businesses, some years, the fire work is lean; some years it can be quite profitable. Jack’s business grew, and he continued to work with Patty Cox at the Missoula PTAC.

In 2017, Montana experienced a consumptive fire season, with over 1,000,000 acres burned. Although this was devastating for many people and communities, hardworking contractors like Jack Mulcare were there to help. Awards obligated in 2017 to I Know Jack, LLC just five years after his first visit to PTAC, totaled over $600,000.

“Patty is always extremely helpful. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone entering the contracting field.”—Jack Mulcare, I Know Jack, LLC