Calling All Native Business Entrepreneurs!

RezRising is an app that was created to help strengthen Native economies by making it easier to find local Native American entrepreneurs and their businesses in the Southwest. After consulting with the founder of RezRising, we realized that they would not be able to offer the same kind of advertisement for businesses in Montana or any other area outside of Tuba City, but this is still a valuable app that we can utilize.

So many small businesses aren't on anyone's radar and are missing out on potential customers and revenue, especially since Montana has a high tourist rate. In our latest blog, we discussed the importance of an online presence to reach a broader audience. 

If you or someone you know owns their business and would like more exposure, we suggest that you log into RezRising and add the business on their map to help populate the Montana region of the map.

This app shows people where they can find anything they need from art, mechanics or restaurants that are all Native-owned and operated. 

This app not only gets these businesses more exposure than usual, but it also makes it easier for people visiting the area to experience authentic Native American culture. These businesses can be located anywhere from the inner city, the reservation, and anything in between. 

Throughout the current worldwide pandemic, people's livelihoods have been affected and have ultimately changed. That is why, during this time, we are re-grouping and exploring opportunities to help entrepreneurs in as many ways as we can and as best as we can, as we all work to get through this together. We hope everyone and their loved ones are staying safe during this time, but also, remain positive, we can bounce back and maybe even become better following this unforseen economic debacle. We will continue to upload tips and tricks to make this journey of owning your own business that much easier. Stay tuned for exciting things ahead. 

It is in AMRII's core mission to help to make rural entrepreneurship easier and more accessible to a broader audience.

If you would like to book a meeting with us we are happy to discuss your business or idea with you and help you navigate through your challenges and needs- whether you need help creating marketing strategies and using marketing tools, you need an online presence, or, you'd like to further explore an idea that has been bumbling around in your head, please feel free to contact us! You can book a meeting here or, you can go look at the AMRII Entrepreneur Support Group for our recent projects, updates, resources, and virtual events.


Dominque Nault

Indigenous Student Ambassador


University of Montana