COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs

The AMRII team is here to help our entrepreneurial community at this unprecedented and challenging time. 

Here's how we can help:

Schedule a Consultation:

We'd welcome the opportunity to speak one on one with you about your challenges, questions or ideas/actions you are taking or considering. A fresh, indpendent perspective may be helpful in identifying and thinking through options for navigating this environment. We can help you think about:

-Finding new sources of demand or revenue

-Adapting products of services

-Changing business practices

-Navigating cashflow and funding challenges

-Dealing with workforce challenges

-Leveraging technology to reach customers or facilitate remote work or collaboration with suppliers or partners. 

- ...anything else that's on your mind

We don't have all the answers, but maybe we can help identify a path forward and/or connect you to others with epertise and resources. 

Schedule a consulation with one of our team: 

-Paul Gladen:

-Karl Unterschuetz:

Let us know what's on your mind: 

Do you have questions or concerns? What actions are you taking? Are they helping? What resources or guidance have you found helpful and would be willing to share. Let us know via this form.

-We will respond directly and/or look to provide information related to common questions as well as curate and share ideas and resources. 

Legal Questions:

Do you have questions relating to contracts of other agreements that may be in place and how they are impacted by COVID-19? Or, how might you change new contracts to reflect this environment? AMRII has in-kind partners that offer meeting with business attorneys that can help you better understand your legal options.

Stay in Contact:

Keep checking in on this page for new resources and updates. We will also be posting updated resources on the Blackstone LaunchPad's page here.


General COVID 19 Updates Advice

Financial Aissistance:

  • The SBA is providing disaster loan funding assistancec. Our colleague, Jenn Stephens, the Missoula Region SBDC Director summarizes key information here. We encourage you to reach out to the SBA representative in your region with questions - you can find your local SBDC office contacts here:
  •  Stockman Bank Update: "Until we get through this pandemic, Bill Coffee [Stockman Bank CEO] said Stockman is offering to defer loan payments that are due. Then, post crisis, the bank will restructure debt for borrowers as necessary. Stockman will also work with commercial and Ag customers directly impacted by this crisis on a case-by-case basis." See 3/16/20 Press release. 
  •  US Bank: Temporarily reduced pricing on Quick Loan and Cash Flow Manager 

What is happening across the state: 

Workforce Related Guidance: