Entrepreneurial Resources



1. Marketing Strategy

This folder should be accessed first, as the materials within will help you structure a top-level marketing strategy for your organization.

  1. Startup marketing strategy guideA five-step guide for collaborating with your team on developing a marketing plan; includes introductions to free marketing tools, budgeting templates, and other essentials. Important details in this guide include understanding your message, methodology, toolkit, team and priorities
  2. How to define inspiring mission and vision statementsOutlining your organization’s vision and mission are critical to marketing success. This guide outlines a smart way to go about the process.
  3. How to Build a Brand (A Comprehensive Guide)HubSpot and Rebrandly present strategies to develop your organization’s core brand and related brand messaging strategies.
  4. The Newsworthy Guide to Public RelationsLearn to build a strong relationship with the media, which is key to successful marketing.
  5. Press release templateA companion to the PR guide above; use this document a starting point for clean, informative press releases.

2. Sales Strategy

After your team builds a well-defined marketing strategy, you can supplement it by developing effective sales techniques.

  1. Startup sales plan templateWalking through this comprehensive template allows you to develop an intelligent sales plan from scratch.
  2. Sales forecasting templateA good resource for setting your team’s sales goals for the upcoming four quarters of operation.
  3. 21 proven sales template emailsNot sure how to compose sales outreach? These templates provide a solid foundation for essential outreach communications.
  4. How Sales Can Use Social Media to Close DealsAn introduction to incorporating social media into your sales strategy.
  5. Sales call checklistAfter building a strong marketing and sales approach, you will inevitably set up introductions to prospective customers. This document provides a framework for how to structure the initial conversation.
  6. 100 sales interview questions to askRecruiting sales people for your organization? This document suggests questions to ask during different stages of the recruiting process.

3. Email Marketing

Email is one of the core elements of successful marketing.

  1. How to Write the Perfect EmailA guide to structuring clean, professional emails that will improve your organization’s brand and marketing throughput.
  2. 100 Email Subject Lines We Actually ClickedAdvice for improving your email subject lines to improve clickthrough.
  3. How to Create Email Newsletters That Don’t SuckIf your organization is thinking about creating a newsletter or a similar drip campaign, consult this comprehensive guide.
  4. Email Newsletter Lookbook:Visual inspiration for designing various forms of newsletters / drip campaigns.
  5. Email Templates for Marketing and SalesTemplates for various types of marketing/sales campaigns (e.g., public relations, customer references).
  6. An Introduction to Using A-B Testing for Marketing OptimizationA/B testing is a powerful tool for improving the effectivity of your marketing and sales teams; this guide can help your organization implement this strategy.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can greatly bolster your brand if executed well.

  1. Social media planning templatesThese templates allow you build a social media strategy based on your organizational goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Planning templates user guideGuide to effectively using the social media planning templates.
  3. Content calendar templatePre-planning social media posts is among the most time-efficient online marketing strategies. Utilize this template to get started.
  4. Content calendar template user guideEmploy this guide in association with the content calendar template.

5. SEO Marketing

The “icing on top” of a successful marketing strategy is optimizing search engine results to drive traffic to your online content.

  1. 20 SEO myths to leave behind in 2020SEO can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate for newcomers; this document dispels many misconceptions around SEO to allow your organization to confidently pursue it.
  2. 10 SEO mistakes to avoidA complement to the above document, this two-pager outlines a few considerations to keep in mind as your organization implements SEO.
  3. Guide to redesigning your website for SEOImprove your organization’s website traffic by following these strategies.
  4. Optimize the Past (Secrets to Doubling Blog Traffic)Older blog material can just as easily drive traffic to your website. Learn how to drive eyeballs to old” content.
  5. Optimization tracking template: Use this Excel spreadsheet to structure your optimization efforts, monitor their success, and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. Instructions included within.

6. PowerPoint Templates

Improve your team presentations’ visual flair.

  1. Pitch deck templateThis powerful template walks your organization through building a compelling pitch presentation so you can win funding for your team and its mission.
  2. Presentation deck templatesTwo visually appealing templates included for use in internal or external PowerPoint presentations. Check out this other template as well.

7. Other Resources

  1. Startup Business Plan: If you’ve yet to flesh out a business plan for your organization (a prerequisite for implementing a marketing strategy), this template provides a framework for doing so.